Learn More about Gambling By Reading the Best Gambling Books

You’ve undoubtedly come to the correct place if you enjoy reading and gambling. Reading books is a wonderful habit that allows a person to learn more. On the other hand, gambling is a fun activity that many people like, but it risks losing money.

However, a gambler must read some resources to discover the secrets of gaining the most money in gambling. So, what could be more enjoyable than reading a non-fiction book? As a result, we’ve compiled a collection of non-fiction books that you’ll undoubtedly enjoy while learning more about gambling.

Molly Bloom- “Molly’s Game”

Molly Bloom is an Olympic skier who developed and organized one of the world’s most exclusive and large underground poker tournaments. Molly’s Game(2014) is a memoir about Molly Bloom’s journey after being injured during the Olympic trials. The book details her struggles following the accident and how she eventually rose to prominence in the underground poker gaming industry. Also known as “Hollywood’s Poker Princess,” she hosted several games with many prominent people before the F.B.I. raided it.

Natasha Dow Schull- “Addiction by Design: Machine Gambling in Las Vegas”

Get the book Addiction by Design: Machine Gambling in Las Vegas, published in 2012, if you want to learn more about machine gaming. An anthropologist, Natasha Dow Schull, has looked deep into the techniques and ways of playing in gambling machines, which you can study to understand the machine gambling world better. If you’ve ever wondered why you enjoy spending time on slot machines or other gambling machines, or if you want to learn more about the negative implications of gambling machines, this book has all the answers.

Edward O. Thorp- “A Man For All Markets”

This work will not fail you if you have a strong interest in blackjack. Edward O. Thorp’s autobiography, A Man for All Markets, was published in 2017. It is an autobiography about a mathematics professor and inventor of the counting system in blackjack that rattled up the complete casino at the time. The novel depicts his life, driven by a desire to develop game-changing ideas and solve unsolvable issues.

Ben Mezrich- “Breaking down the house: The inside story of six M.I.T. students who took Vegas for millions”

If you want to feel a stimulating action while reading about blackjack, this is the book for you. It will give you a similar excitement as playing blackjack in a casino. Ben Mezrich wrote the book, which was published in 2003.  The novel is about six bright M.I.T. students who learn the art of counting cards in blackjack and travel to Las Vegas to use their excellent counting skills to take over the casinos. If you want a visual representation of the book, you can see the film “21,” which is based on the novel.

Gambling Books

Final Views

Get a hold of the books mentioned above to feel gambling as part of your life while reading the raw version of different people associated with gambling.

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